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What is at Instagram?

Have you ever seen Instagram users having a link in their bio? Or your friend’s stories getting filled with screenshots of the same. Feeling fascinated about it, as you think its fun? Wondering about what it is and how to use it? This article will answer all the questions in your mind regarding it. So here we go-

What is is a fun app and a site that allow users to share anonymous messages with others. It is an app similar to Sarahah. The app is available on Google Play. People use this app to ask a weird question or write some confession, on the other side the user is left surprised and eager to know and guess, who has said what? I am sure you are able to imagine how fun this can be, and how curious one will be to guess or write wired things for their friends. I hope this was enough for you to understand the app.

Don’t be worried this is not the end we will walk you through, how to connect it with your Instagram profile?

Here are some steps to guide you through the process.

  1. Download the app, as mentioned earlier it is there on Google play store and Installs it on your mobile phone.
  2. Signup- Once you have installed it. Signup to make your account by adding your full name and password and then you have to create your link.
  3. This link is unique to every user after you have completed everything click on Signup.
  4. Your account is not ready yet, you will have to confirm your account and verify it with your email Id account.
  5. You will get a confirmation mail provided with a link that will direct you to your homepage.
  6. And it’s ready.

Now the most crucial part, how to connect with Instagram?

It’s very easy the only thing you have to do is to copy the unique link provided to you and paste it in your Instagram Bio.

Take a screenshot and put it on your story so that your friends get to know that you are now a part of it.

And be ready for some super Interesting messages.

Now it’s time for the fun. Feedback!

Now here we will instruct you to go on with this app. You can do that in two ways either directly or through Instagram.

First is by the Sayat app. You can just go and select any friend and message them.

Second is through how to hack Instagram, You can just go to your Friends Instagram profile and click on the Sayat link provided by them click on it write your feedback and click on ‘say It’.

You will have to give your details such as your name, password, and URL

I hope you have understood how to use the whole thing and what does the link is for on Instagram.

The most fun part of this app is that one will be left with so many questions in their mind for all the messages that they are receiving and they trying to guess the sender.

Isn’t it? A fun app.

So what are you waiting for, you have all the information so just go on with it and Bombard your Instagram hack stories with this suspicious screenshots of anonymous messages that you receive.